Telegram notifications on the meizu pro 5 after christmas

  • Since I'm relying on a meizu pro 5 as my daily driver and using telegram a lot, I'm wondering what would be the easiest way for the meizu pro 5 users to keep on getting telegram notifications pushed after the 21. of december... There are no OTAs for the meizu right now right? Will there be an update of meizu pro 5 image donwloadable here with the notification change in it? In this case would it be the recommended/best way to backup the data, flash the new image and restore the data from the backup afterwards?

    Thanks in advance

  • @hummlbach Hi,

    according to there was an OTA-2 for turbo, and so there will be OTA-3 - Why do you think its different?


  • Oh... It seems I've assumed, that there was some kind of black magic switching channels for me... A compelling case of rtfm (respectively wiki) - I'm sorry... 😕