Ubuntu 16.04 on legacy devices

  • Update: Some of the mentioned issues have already been fixed: https://github.com/ubports/system-settings/pull/34

    first of all I would like to thank the developers of UBports for bringing Ubuntu 16.10 to my MX4. It was one of the best Christmas presents. However, I am curious about the following:

    • I've been able to set up Google account on my device but can't set any other nor edit the current Google account application access.
    • There is no OTA update option in system settings, I can only update apps using OpenStore → https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/319
    • There is still Ubuntu Store in the Scope present yet I can't log in using Ubuntu account.
    • Timezone is not saved on reboot.

    I understand that 16.04 is still very unstable but I was curious whether this is just happening on MX4 or happens on all 16.04 builds.

    Overall it seems to be pretty stable and although some apps are not working at all (like Hangups) or are crashing a lot (SMS, Google Plus webb app) but just the feeling of having Ubuntu 16.04 makes it all worthwhile :).

    And one last thing, the kernel on MX4 is 3.10. Does it mean it should be capable of running snaps and therefore Anbox in the future? Currently snaps are not present in the image and I wonder if that's the case for all 16.04 images or just those for legacy devices.

    I would appreciate all the information you can give me on this.

  • I am also running a mx4 and for me the better present was to get xenial to the mx4 than run anbox.

    But if i understand jan right at the community update, there is no chance right now to get snaps running. There for you need serval kernel patches and at the moment this is only possible on the core device.

  • @zubozrout I think you are ahead of the devs,what you have installed is not a daily driver,yet..and anbox is a few weeks away.
    reading between the lines, the devs will be working hard to make 16.04 a daily driver and make anbox installable,for those who want/need it.
    I tried 16.04 in my pro5, very nice. I then went back to 15.04 as my daily driver,until........

  • @marathon2422 Oh, no at all. I understand that what I've installed is not recommended for daily use. I was just curious whether the issues I've mentioned are also present on other devices as well.

    In any case the fact 16.04 is available for MX4 I haven't even hoped for is a good enough reason for me to at least play with it for a few days :). And since I've been mostly on Android after Canonical decided not to continue with the project I've found a really easy way to dualboot between both systems: https://iubuntu.cz/dualboot-mx4.html so I plan to keep 16.04 and add Android as another option once I install it again.

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