Unattainable Desktop Apps Scope

  • I was following the Run desktop applications guide in the docs and noticed that I am missing the Desktop Apps Scope mentioned in the following:

    To display and launch applications you need the Desktop Apps Scope which is available in the Canonical App Store. To install applications you need to use the commandline as described below.

    How am I supposed to install the scope now tat the Ubuntu Store is gone? I'm aware of the Launchpad repos, but I don't have a build environment available.

  • Hey, has anyone saved "Desktop Apps Scope?"

    It would be great to have this available for running desktop applications, until something better comes along.

  • There is someone working on building this scope and bringing it to the OpenStore. I'll see if I can find them and bring them to this topic.

  • The Falcon app launcher shows the desktop apps

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