Make ZTE support Ubuntu Touch?

  • Dear developers,

    I started an idea proposal for ZTE to support Ubuntu Touch OS on the next CSX phone model. See the Idea Proposal Thread at The CSX program basically allows community users to shape the next phone model of ZTE. To be accepted, the idea has to be voted as one of the Top 3 ideas by Sep 10th. There is a prize for the final winners. I am grateful to everyone who has voted on the Ubuntu Touch idea. In fact, I only asked the ZTE engineers to put Ubuntu Touch on their supporting OS list and let consumers to freely choose to install. The proposal is targeting at establishing some collaboration between the smartphone giant ZTE and the Ubuntu community! I hope this win-win collaboration and the offer of an Ubuntu Touch choice is feasible for ZTE to accept and decent for the ZTE forum users to vote up. I want to ask you guys here what else is needed to be done to make the phone model compatible with Ubuntu Touch?

    I have naively suggested ZTE to donate a phone to you guys in the proposal to implement the porting part. Or, the R&D engineers of ZTE should collaborate with the Ubuntu phone developers to make the OS work on the phones. But you may have better ideas on what should be done to make it work.

    Disclaimer: I don't care about the prize for myself. If this idea was accepted for the coming Concept phase (Sep 12-30), I wish there can be a team organized from the Ubuntu phone community to work together on the next detailed concept design proposal (let me know if you are interested). Once all of these win the final bid and make Ubuntu Touch a real thing for ZTE phones, I can and would suggest to donate the earns from the prize back to the non-for-profit Ubuntu or UBporting development community, and to where future development can be conducted! Please let me know how this idea can be better pursued and implemented, and who I should contact with for future endeavors. Hope this helps. Thank you!

  • I know this is an old post, but I'd like to see support of Ubuntu Touch on budget phones such as ZTE brand. I have tons of them around and would love for a native Linux OS to be on them and I have a bunch of fun hackerish type projects for them, such as using a cheap $10 ZTE budget phone as a single board computer replacement with more features, advanced security camera system, and possibly even the 32bit main board controller for a 3D printer with custom controller/PCB which could support Wi-Fi camera, vibration feedback from the printer (for dry run calibration), touch screen UI/menu, and even OctoPi, and CuraEngine out of the box.. so literally you wouldn't have to learn Cura.. just something like Fusion 360 which would be much easier to novices and the general public to get into 3D printing. Idk, I digress from my rant, but long story short I'd be willing to donate several ZTE budget phones to the cause. Thanks

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    Also, please, next time open a new topic. Thank you 😉

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