USB Device (OTG) access from QML app

  • Hi all,
    i'm trying to do an application to use my USB endoscope (ie: a webcam) from my Tablet m10 FHD (running UBports ota 3).
    The endoscope is connected with micro usb cable. OTG is supported by the tablet (with "fdisk -l" i can see a connected generic USB pendrive).
    Running my App from notebook (ubutnu 16.04) i can use all all the webcam (embedded an the endoscope).
    Deploying App on tablet, i can see (and use) only the two embedded camera (front and back) not the one of the endoscope (is not listed as available camera).
    I'm using the QtMultimedia Camera QML API (
    I have added the "Camera" permission and done some experiments with other permissions and added for test something like this in apparmor file:
    "read_path": [

    but with the same result: only two camera are shown as available.
    Someone have an idea, suggestion, example how to solve ... ?

    Thank you very much

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