Location of Keyboard Database: Ubuntu Touch

  • Hi Folks,
    I'm trying to work on the prediction of the keyboard, locally. Right now, only one ebook is being used to teach Presage it's suggestions: the picture of dorian gray (as set up on GitHub).

    I'd like to include two more texts, and indicate them on lines 28 and 29 respectively, based on this src.pro: https://github.com/ubports/keyboard-component/blob/master/plugins/en/src/src.pro#L28
    But... I'm totally lost as to where to find the files on the UT phone, and how to edit the program. I know where things need to go, but I can't find the location they need to go and I don't know how to change the code.

    The two texts I want to add are both from Project Gutenberg: War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells [ http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/36/pg36.txt] for more grammar and vocabulary complexity, and the King James Bible [http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/10/pg10.txt] for English idioms and phrases as well as grammar and vocabulary diversity. It''s a test, but my hunch is that it will provide better text prediction than only The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde alone.


  • Could the path be found in this file?:

    On my phone, the contents of that file is:

    I see that in /usr/share/doc/libpresage-data/copyright, the book is listed as "resources/the_picture_of_dorian_gray.txt".

  • Hey Tupp, thanks a ton.

    How did you get that list? When I plug my phone in, all I can browse/access is /home/phablet--and no hidden files. My phone is already in developer mode, and in read-write (using tweak tool).

    I've also tried poking around with adb shell, and navigating to a directory--but no hidden files are shown when I type ls.

    I'm kinda new--but I'm sure I can do something that allows my computer to browse my phone as root...


    The txt files need to go into the same file as dorian gray... and I need to change how the program looks at them.

  • @Lukas_Wolfskin
    I don't remember how I found that file. I think I did a web search for "ubuntu touch presage" and also, just "presage".

    What is the "tweak tool" to which you refer? I seek new ways (other than "sudo mount -o remount,rw /" in adb shell) to write to the "read-only" partition.

    By the way, none of the files that I mentioned are "hidden," and the adb shell alone should allow you read-only access to those files.

  • @tupp Thanks!

    I found the files and tried to execute the text2ngram commands to append the new .txt files I wanted, but with nol luck. The phone adb shell told me that i couldn't execute text2ngram because I needed to install presage...

    But... presage is already installed on both the computer and on the device. Ugh... I don't know.

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