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  • Dear ubports team,

    I am planning to buy a phone soon, with as one of the top priorities to (dual) boot ubuntu touch on it.
    The One Plus 3 seems to be the ideal choice, for performance reasons, which is why I would prefer it over e.g. a Meizu.
    However, before getting an op3, I thought I ask here if there is any estimate release date (season/year).
    When should it be able to boot ubuntu touch, and are all functions expected to work? Is it a matter of the next months or might the development even be stopped?

    Thanks very much for the development and for any advice.

  • So, its being developed on thats for sure, it's not booting yet though, theres no unity welcome screen yet.

    That will probably start booting in the next few months and we'll probably see a good few features working with it, wifi, ota, speakers etc, but I don't see it being a daily driver before Christmas unfortunately.

    Of cause I maybe wrong, and the OP3 might be ready before Christmas, or we might not even have audio working at Christmas, but from my experience looking at other devices ported by UBports this is what I imagine being the case.

  • I'm very pleased,thank you very much

  • Hello,

    UBPorts for the OnePlus 3 is a really good new. The more interesting feature for me will be "Convergence", that could be very practical when I'm traveling.

    It would be great to have the steps already done, and what is still to do. Actually, the only status we have is 0% on the devices list. 0% does really mean nothing has be done at all... which seems to be wrong ! 🙂

    That said, it could be a great gift for Christmas.

    Thank you for your work.

  • Hi,

    OP3 with Ubuntu Touch and Convergence will be a true killer.
    I've just bought this phone only because there will have this port 😉
    Can we help for anything ?


  • @ferd I was looking at Mick Hoff's paper daily and it looks like the op3 's ship may have sailed.

    Long live the op3T !

  • Hi,

    With new OP3t, announcing also the death of OP3, what will be the future of the OP3 porting project? Can actual work be still useful for an OP3t porting project?
    What can we expect in the net months?

    Thx in advance

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