[solved] Car Music playing through Phone USB issue

  • I was playing music in my car through Phone USB connection until 1 Month ago.
    Now when I connect the phone to the car usb connection, I only can see the pictures & video folders but music isn't visible by the car.
    Someone can say me what I have to do to solve this?
    My device is: BQ Aquaris E4.5 with UBPorts devel channel version 60 (I have tried too with Stable and RC and don't works)
    Thanks in advance

  • I have solved the issue. The fail was a media scanner corrupted database located in:
    Once removed the file and rebooted the phone, new database was created succesfully.
    I left this topic because may be useful to other users with the same problem.
    Thanks to all the developers for keeping this project alive

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