I'm so happy, that someone remembered about old xperias. They are great! 🙂

However honami is xperia z1 (xperia xz1 is called poplar).

Which halium version did you build? If there are so many problems maybe you could consider halium 9 porting with Generic System Image (GSI)? As there are Lineage 16 avaliable for honami (and other based on android 8 and later) so all after project treble where device specific code is moved to vendor partition. Read about the differences between previous halium version and 9 in GSI llink

I'm not a developer but I hope it may be helpful 🙂

Do you have any experience which you could find helpful and share about porrting UT to sony phones? I have couple devices which I'd like to be running UT,

Xperia XZ1 compact (lilac) - now I'm working on it... Xperia XZ1 dual (poplar_dsds) Xperia Z2 (sirius) - same "z" family as honami Xperia Z3 compact (z3c) - same "z" family as honami