@ogogon you are not supposed to use /var/log as a shared directory. Apps are confined in what they can do quite heavily (as on every mobile device OS so far), and have their own directory for logs and temporary stuff. This is done for security. How else could we ever allow 3rd parties (means non-Ubuntu Touch developers) to contribute any App through a store? If you trust all the world its fine, we don't. So, Apps cannot do what they want and should not do what they want. Also, the whole root file system is read-only. Also do not use apt to update stuff. We got image-based OTA upgrades. It is faster, saves write cycles on the flash storage, and its transactional, meaning no partially upgraded systems . This is not a desktop, saying this just once more. The advantage is a superior stability, you cannot brick your device easily, Apps cannot spy on each other and the system, most rootkits/hacks wont work on UT etc. You have claims that Apps can request and the user can allow or disallow them, like mic, camera etc access. This is not possible in a traditional desktop OS. So, a big win. If you tamper with that security model, you are on your own. We cannot support you when you start changing the way how the OS works. If you start rearranging how logging works you need to give Apps elevated permissions, and that's not how we think a mobile OS should work these days. So before you complain about why we made everything wrong you should better ask why decisions were made in that way. We di dnot make our life more complicated because it´s fun but because we wanted to improve the architecture.