Some apps I just want to see get more support, more features, or just be a bit faster. I wish we got Fluffychat updates, Fluffychat still works really well on Ubuntu Touch, but compared to its android edition, it has a lot less features, and it isn't as fast as it could be, sometimes it has issues where it'll refuse to load new chats, and you have to remove all data and re-login to get fluffychat to update, unfortunately, it looks like we wont see any Fluffychat updates until we get flutter in Ubuntu Touch, which may or may not come when we move to Ubuntu 20.04, if it doesn't come than I worry that we wont have any actively developed matrix application, and if it does come when we move to Ubuntu 20.04, I worry about how long that may take. I also want the call features of Matrix and/or Telegram which isn't something we have at the moment. The gallery app needs some support to help organize your albums without manually having to in the album tab, because thats very tedious, in android, if you take a photo, thats in your default gallery view but nothing else, on other gallery apps the main view features every photo on your phone, but you can easily go and switch to a view which shows your photo by folder its in. Perhaps the Gallery app on ubuntu touch can't do this, and if it could, would we want it to? I think we could use things like the way KDE uses tags, if you take a photo, the photo app automatically adds a tag with "camera", then if you select the camera folder it shows you every photo with the camera tag, this means people could tag there photos and despite there only being one photo, it could be in 2 different albums. Talking about the camera app, there's a lot missing there to, little advanced features, it doesn't offer the ability to save as a raw format, none of that crazy blur around face technology, and little of the "auto-magically" AI making colours nicer, and improving sharpness also! I do like the idea of new applications, but I think if we only talk about apps we miss, we might miss the basic things that we want from the core apps. When it comes to new apps however: Newpipe: I used to use Newpipe on android, I'd love a app like that on Ubuntu Touch, it lets you stream video, make it so it only streams audio, you can download music and audio, etc, it has lots of nice features, and the ability to play in the background, while saving battery life because your screen doesn't need to be on, and data because you're not streaming the whole video, is a big selling point. Native Mastodon app: As it says on the box, native apps are usually just a lot nicer than web apps. Mumble: Mumble is a great voice chat application, I often miss chats due to work or traveling, so it'd be nice to be able to join a mumble chat when I'm on the bus home from work, or on the train home, so that I dont miss out on some good productive talks. Keypass: I use keypass often on my desktop, and it'd be nice to have a native convergent keypass application, the current web version isn't so easy to use in my po. TheTrainLine: I don't need this at all, because the webview is fine, however thats only really when I know my route, or things are going well, the webview doesn't have nicitys such as telling you all the stops you pass, it doesn't tell you expected time of arrival if something goes wrong, and it can also hold all your tickets in a convenient way. Kaidan: We had it for a short while on older devices but than it started to require newer versions of QT, and thus we lost it, but it'd be nice to have the xmpp app, get get those updates! Blender: I wouldn't use it in phone mode unless just to show off, but Blender is a great tool for 3D animation, 2D animation, Video editing, Audio editing, etc, its something that you can do some good projects with, and so if I'm on the train home, and have a powerful enough phone, it'd be nice to have the option to plug it into a nexdock and edit some video and audio. Kate: Another app I probably wouldn't use so much in phone mode, I think the other note apps work better in phone mode, but I wouldn't want to use as much on desktop, however Kate is an app I use often on laptop and desktop, so it'd be nice to have it available when I put the phone in convergent mode! Yubico: I use yubico for 2FA so it's kinda difficult to login to some accounts without having something without an app that talks to the yubico key Firefox convergent: I use firefox on my desktop, it can sync my bookmarks, my add-ons, passwords, etc, I can even right click and send a tab from my laptop to my desktop, it would be nice to be able to use desktop firefox when I'm using the phone on my desktop, however looking at all the work thats going in to try and make firefox work on the phone, it looks like it'll be desktop only if you want a half decent experience, and then use morph when you're in phone mode. I wish firefox had the ability to go from the android look and feel when its small, to the desktop look and feel when its bigger, but it looks like thats not even close to a possible without a huge amount of work that no one wants to do. VLC