Anbox on Nexus 5

  • Hello
    I noticed that the Inbox is missing for the Nexus 5...
    Please suggest, is there any support for this device and is it possible to use one of the existing instances?
    As well as whether it is possible to assemble yourself under the device?

  • Anbox will be implemented in 16.04. The current release of 16.04 is only intended for development/testing, as it is a work in progress. If you take a look at the FAQ on, there is an entry on this when you scroll down a bit. ;)

  • Will there be an easy way for us to upgrade to 16.04 ?

  • Infrastructure

    @fred Yes it will be just to start the UBports Installer and switch the channel. Actually thats alreaddy working quite well now.

  • I know 16.04 is in development but I upgraded to it anyway. I am still using my blackberry as my main phone anyway. I would love to see ubports on blackberry leap as it seems to have a better battery life then my oneplus one. Anyway keep up the good work. :)

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