Cannot choose option via call

  • In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
    May peace be upon to everyone in this forum.

    How are you guys doing? First of all I would like to thanks developers of Ubuntu Touch OS for a wonderful piece of art.

    Recently I started to use UT as my main device. I have two phones one Nexus 5 for UT (15.04) and Galaxy Note 3 JP version for android applications. However, I have only one sim card with internet access. I started to use my sim card on Nexus 5 (UT) since last month, but yesterday I had some problems during interaction between answering machine (There are almost every customer support has answering machines where you have to choose options 2 or 3 times to reach the operator) where you have to press numbers to choose options while you are calling to some place.

    For the first time when answering machine asked me to choose my internet provider , so I pressed 1 and I passed first stage . At the next stage answering machine asked me to choose what kind of service do I need, I pressed 1 but seems my second choice was not sent to answering machine so I could not proceed to operator. So I switched my sim card to android and again made a call to the same place and pressed 1 at the second stage and I could talk to operator.

    Seems UT works fine when you send "your first choice" (could not find any better description :)) via call but not working after the first time. Or maybe something wrong with my Ubuntu Touch image. Can anyone help me to fix this issue, please?

    Overall I am very satisfied with Ubuntu Touch OS. Thanks a lot for striving to make open source community even better.

  • @disctanger maybe you can try again to test if that problem happens every time. When I had used the numpad in a phone call I don't recall to suffer that possible bug.

    If it still happens to you, you should fill in a bug report. That's the best way to get help from the experts.

  • Same here. UT 15.04 OTA-3 on a Nexus 5 is now my only working phone. I haven't had this happen to me yet.

    If nothing else works, possibly just a re-install of the image? I had bugs with my sim card that went away completely after my 2nd install. It's been bothering me, but I honestly have no clue what/if I did anything differently the 2nd time around.

    I guess repeating tasks with expectation of different results pays off for some of us... 😉
    The issue hasn't returned since.

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