Roll Back from Ubuntu Touch to Android

  • I just ordered OnePlus One phone to check Ubuntu Touch. I am experienced Lixux-Ubuntu user and programmer. In case when something goes wrong or installed UT won't meet my expectations, is there any way to roll back the phone OS back to original Android?
    Thanks for reply.Dag.

  • @dag OPO is a good phone but don't forget to check out this

    Having Linux & programming experience I doubt you'll want to downgrade to Android 😉 but you can put Android back to your OPO. If you need help with that

  • Thank You much for advice. I really have no doubts about Linux. I have used Ubuntu for years, running two servers etc. What I realy doubt is, if mobile phone with Ubuntu will fit with all my needs. Mobile phone i my second office. So, as soon as I receive the phone, I will let know about my experience.

  • @dag Who knows, with your skills and experience, perhaps you'll find ways to enrich this valuable project.

  • To better answer the situation, yes, you can go back to Android. You'll just need to install a "factory image" on your device. The Oneplus forums have guides on that, though I'm not sure which one is really good.

  • @3arn0wl Maybe. But I do not like to promise anything without having information. Up to now, I have no OPO phone and no clue, what to await. So, originally there was only my simple question if I can rool back not beeing forced to throw away the phone after my first try to change OS to Ubuntu. Give me time to try and check. Thanks.

  • @dag You can always install Lineage OS on your OPO, if UT is not what you want. Lineage OS is continuing of Cyanogenmod, what is originally installed on OPO, if I'm correct. Just search Lineage OS for your device.