Samsung galaxy j5 2017

  • Hallo, i wanna buy a samsung galaxy j5 2017, anyone know if ubports' app work for it?
    I tried it with my samsung galaxy j5 2015 but the app don' t reed the phone.(dev mod enabled)
    Anyone can help me?

  • Ubuntu Touch works with a very few devices at the moment. You can see the list here Supported devces

    A few others work to some degree here

    In principle any device can be supported but requires someone to do the porting of the device. That's time consuming process and there are more important tasks at the moment than porting to many devices. New devices need to be able to use Halium, to run Ubuntu 16.04, so that's the place to start.

  • @snappy sure would be nice to have more devices supported though. We have a J5 knocking around here and to be able to move that to UBPorts would be the better option, than staying with its old os.

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