• Hi.

    I flashed One plus one 64 go with MDT. Very easy, no problem.
    Now i have Ubuntu touch one Bacon and it works normally. But windows 10 doesn't detect one plus pluged on usb port even if i hear a noise as if it was detected. I don't see one plus one in file explorer.
    With Ubuntu 16.04, i see bacon but i can't open it and open files.
    I have a bq 4.5 ubuntu touch ubports and it is detected and i can open files with win 10 and ubuntu 16.04.

    Any idea ?


  • Infrastructure

    See my article in Support forum ;) [HowTo] Enable MTP ... or so ;)

  • @flohack Thanks very much Florian. I just did it. No problem. It works well, OPO is detected now.

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