Convergence brocke 16.04 Nexus 5

  • Hi,
    i bought a nexus 5 to try out Ubuntu touch and especially the convergence feature. 15.04 OTA3 works and i really like the unity 8 design. I thought i could try the 16.04 dev branch for snap and anbox support, but on this the convergence is broken for me. It just shows the phone screen in big, no scaling for desktop, but still recognised as convergence in some way as the phone display show the touchpad functionality hint and turns grey. Sadly this also dose note work in either, OTA3 and 16.04, but there is an issue in the git repo for this all ready. For the broken scaling i couldn't find any issue or forum thread, might be my bad search skills. Should i file an issue? I think this should be in the 16.04 backlog milestone as this is regression form OTA3.

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