MX4 - application phone and reception sms mms down

  • First, scuse for my poor english .
    The application telephone freeze randomly, the screen remains illuminate when I wear the phone to the ear, I no longer receive sms, mms, the GSM network icon remains active simulating a good reception. This bug already existed with ubuntutouch. This bug is very disabling because I randomly no longer receive calls and sms, and requires a restart of the system. My bad English level did not allow me to find a similar bug on the documentation.
    Does anyone know this bug?
    Is there any log i can submit?
    Ubport Version

  • @zacardec the codename of your phone is Arale. Clicking that as a "label" in "issues" I've found this list of bugs arale It seems the bug you're suffering isn't there.

    There's a French group in Telegram (, maybe someone can help you there in your language.

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