Nexus 5 replacement battery.

  • The other week I read a post from Joerg on the Telegram supergroup, about replacing the battery in the Nexus 5 and thought I'd give it a go.
    The battery is a Polarcell Li-Polymer Akku LG Google Nexus 5 (item No 01000596) from Wannsee Electronic in Germany and cost £18.86 from ebay.
    Full instructions for changing the battery are on the web and it took me 45 mins. just watch out for the thin plastic casing round the sim card, and charging ports when removing the back cover.
    The new battery is now going from 100 to 7% in 20-21 hrs. I'm not a heavy user a few calls/texts a day, a little web browsing etc, but this is double what i was getting out of the old battery.
    So if you like your Nexus 5 you might find this worth the effort doing.

    26/4/18 just a quick update to the fact that being on the Dev channel seemed to reduce the 100 to 7% down to approx. 15 hrs.

  • @lakota I've done the same, but still unhappy with battery life. But, that is phone design an rather low capacity, high chipset demand. I wish the phone makers thought about that more than just claim '' our new phones are 50%more powerfull''. Maybe once we get a phone with a lasting battery 🙂

  • I'm thinking of doing this but I'm worried of fake batteries. Iv seen on XDA several people experiencing issues with fake batteries. I still might give it a go. There still should be a better way for the system to manage the battery. for example on my nokia lumia 640 XL out of the box had horrible batterylife. Without touching the phone the battery would drain from 100%— 0% in 12 hours. After several updates over about a year Microsoft fixed the issue and improved battery life to last for an expectablean amount of time. I Think it can be done in the operating system. Also people using the N5 with Android don't report. Battery issues like these, at least not as bad as I'm experiencing..

  • @matridium if you order from the company I mention they are all OK and fine.

  • @lakota is that the high capacity battery? iv seen a few replacments on ebay and amazon saying they are high capacity.

  • @matridium It has a better capacity than the original nexus 5 battery,yes and does make the nexus more usfull as a daily driver.

  • @matridium Have just looked out receipt which states 2450mAh battery

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