• Regretfully, i can only corroborate the bug 159 ( reported by TronFortytwo) overheating of ONE PLUS ONE : It is not for me possible to use intensively for a long time web browser or to see streaming video. It generate various desorders : the screen freeze or the phone reboots and other troubles.. And after it's difficult to switch on the phone, i have a long time boot even if when the phone is 'cooled'. I have a bacon 64 Go.

    Are we two or three to experience this bug ?

  • Itś strange, I have a OPO 64 and dont't have had any problem working on 15.04 or 16.04....Anyway I think could be much better to continue this converstation on it respective bug...Now a days I'm working on 16.04, if you want tell me steps to reproduce the bug...regards.

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