OPO - did i get the right phone?

  • Good day All
    (Please excuse me if this is a re-post as I pressed + and not submit last time... n00b mistake)
    My Nexus 4 broke so I thought I would get another UBPorts compatible phone and looking at your devices page decided to get an OPO - now buyers remorse has set in I realise I may have got the wrong phone.

    I am looking for a full convergence phone (i.e add keyborad, mouse, and monitor and you have a desktop), that also supports AnBox for all those irreplaceable Android apps.

    Looking around it seems that OPO has no HDMI or similar screen connectivity. What convergence experience can I expect from this phone please?

    Does OPO support AnBox yet?

    Is there an UBPorts supported device that would meet these requirements if OPO does not?

    What is the most convenient way to switch between UBPorts and Android please?

    My aim is to be google free by the end of the year (ish), but I am waiting on a swype keyboard before I try using UBPorts full time (is there a project doing this that i could possible contribute to?)

    Thanks for keeping the ubuntu phone dream alive 😎

  • The OnePlus One doens't support HDMI, and no phones support Anbox yet.

    Their are no current devices that support your requirements at the moment, but if any current device supports hdmi out, then within the next couple of months we should have something which will, but not certain.

    We don't have any kind of swype keyboard, if you swipe the keyboard down, it takes away the keyboard, addind "Swype" support would mean that you could no longer get rid of the keyboard, there are ways of handling this, but their has been little to no effort on this from our side, I believe someone in the community was experimenting with this, but I dont know how that went, or if it ever became viewable code.

  • Thanks @PhoenixLandPirat
    Can you give a clue as to which phone may support this so i can start looking for it.

    I am sure I saw instructions a while back for Anbox on some UBports devices, but it didnt work with nexus 4 which I had then so didnt look further - by support i mean something that sort of works, not finished and amazing 😎

    Lets hope whoever was experimenting with swype chimes in and I can have a play 😎

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