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    I've seen several people waring those sleek UBports hoodies. The devilishly handsome @mariogrip in the UBports session at UbuCon Europe, the one and only Michael Hall on the last Ubuntu Q&A, the fantabulous Marius Quabeck: All these people own a UBports hoodie, and now i want one too. I can't be happy in my life without that sweater. Also, there seems to be some UBports stickers around, and my laptop does not really feel like my laptop anymore, until i can finally put a sticker on it. So what can we do to make me happy?

    I see several ways this could go down.

    First, i could poke Marius, Marius and Michael (There are quite a few people in the Ubuntu community with the letter m in their first name, someone should do some research on that) to tell me how to get one.

    Second, i could grab the UBports logo and print my own hoodies, shirts, stickers, mugs, and stuff.

    But why don't we just set up a UBports store? It could help to raise additional funds and spread the word. The coolest way of course, would be to self-host a shop with some free and open source e-commerce software, but that results in a lot of maintenance work, so it's not really feasible. But we could also just host it at a website like spreadshirt.com, where you can just upload your designs and get on with your life. The website then takes care of printing, shipping and the whole payment process, and the UBports project gets some of the revenue. Of course it's not free and open source, but Richard Stallman doesn't have to know, right?

    If you want, i could set up a store at spreadshirt or some other website. What are your thoughts on this?

  • You should really try Big Cartel, as they tend to fund 'artists' more and are more reliable when it comes to posting worldwide etc.

    My 2Btc.

  • @NeoTheThird do you if with covid-19 they create this event ? or Is it canceled ?

  • @mito77
    Usually it's better not reply such an old topic.

    As for your question, you'll have to go to the source.

    And it's probably too soon to know about it.

  • @mito77
    I'll lock this thread because it's too old.

    Avoid answering very old threads in the future.
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