Selecting messages in thread for mass operation

  • On my old phone BQ Aquaris E5, with original Ubuntu Touch from Canonical, I could select some messages in thread (by holding finger longer on message) and then mass delete them.

    On my current phone FP2, with Ubuntu Touch from ubports (15.04 (r3) stable) this message selection does not work. It does work with threads, but not with messages in thread anymore.

    Is it a bug, or a feature? Cause if selecting messages was deliberately removed, it was not a wise move.

    PS: made an issue on github before posting thin in forum. What is the right way? first forum, then issue? just issue, no forum? ...
    PPS: is this the right thread, or should this be in the OS thread?

  • Uh, yet another app without maintainer... I would think normally the bug tracker should be sufficient and the right place... But if theres no maintainer, posting here is perhaps a good idea to gain some attention...(?)

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