Not Safe For Working feature on the OpenStore


    This is an older post from the News Channel that might have passed you by. It could be important to users with or without children who use UBports or any similar situation.

    UBports News Channel, [22.11.17 14:16]
    The OpenStore Team is pleased to announce to the UBports and Ubuntu Touch community that 'Not Safe for Work' feature is now working!

    By going to the OpenStore and going to 'my apps' and downloading the new version 2.10 OpenStore update and installing, the new NSFW feature will be turned on by default and 'adult content' apps will be hidden.

    To turn off the feature go to 'my apps' and 'settings' and slide the slider and enter master password.

    Thanks very much to the OpenStore team and @sverzegnassi for their hard work on this very important feature!

  • @lakota good idea to rescue that announcement.

    Just to clarify to whoever reads that post: the NSFW feature is working since version 2.10 but the "new OpenStore version" is 2.15 currently.

    Tip: there's a Telegram group for parents interested in this kind of topics

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