Nexus 5 stuck at waiting for devie to enter recover mode

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    I am using ubuntu to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 5. When I started up I selected to wipe. the first part started but now I'm stuck on Recovery and Ive been waiting now for more than 45 min with nothing happening. What have I done wrong? I fear I bricked the phone because I did not do a back up. HELP!!!

  • HI @matridium , Go over to They will know exactly what to do. I don't believe you've bricked the phone so don't panic. If you can let them know what OS your using with the installer they will talk you through it. If your using Windows I know that cause problems if you haven't removed all the old phone drivers, also theres OEM unlock and to put the phone in developer mode.

  • @matridium Try running the installer on another usb port with a different cable. That sometimes works. Also with the phone switched off don't contect it straight away wait until the installer is running. There is a pinned post about that on the site I mentioned above, but can't check it as I appear to have deleted it.

  • thanks for the help. I was able to get it to work.
    I downloaded the ostock android OS for the Nexus 5 and I installed it back to stock, when the phone rebooted the ubports logo was on my screen and said waiting for update. I'mnot sure why it was like this since I reinstalled the stock romance. I waited for about ten minutes and nothing happen. I then plugged the phone back into my Ubuntu laptop and started Ubuntu touch install it work prefect.
    The nexus I bought came with the bootloader unlocked, and had paranoid installed. I just wonder if that is what caused it to freeze like that.

    But thanks for the help!

  • @matridium At least your up and running so who cares how ; ) I've seen acouple of times where it seems to stop then you suddenly find all is OK second time around. Have a look at for some usfull info to get you started and welcome to and enjoy UBports.

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