FP2 not usable with one hand

  • Unfortunately imo the Fairphone team made a very bad design choice and thus the Fairphone 2 has no physical back and home buttons. They just waste 1 cm of space at the screen bottom of the phone.

    For FP2 to be usable, i.e. one-handed usage, Ubuntu Touch therefore needs to provide a gesture for "back", analog to what the iPhone X has for example. Or let me enable in the settings Android like buttons on the bottom of the screen.

    I also filed a feature request here:

  • I can't say I've ever felt the need for either a back button or a back gesture, @kyoo

  • @3arn0wl did you ever try to use one of the (bigger) phones one handed? If you were doing so (being right handed) you would have recognized that the upper left corner is most difficult to reach. All the core apps use the upper left corner as a back button in some manner. That simply means they are very hard to use one handed.

    But also the left edge gesture is unfortunately very hard to do with one hand... Its possible but I'm always affraid of accidentally dropping my phone.

    @Kyoo I understand your need. But i think the problem is bigger than just having the back button in the "wrong" place. Any improvement towards being more usable with one hand should fit in the general ux concept...

  • @hummlbach I hold my N5 in my left hand and interact with it with my right...

    Surely, for the very reason you mention, nobody's going to use a large phone one-handed?

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