FP2: Video and audio are desynchronized when recording with camera app

  • Hello,
    With my FP2 with 15.04 RC3 (channel stable), when recording a video with camera app (1080p, 720p or 480p), the audio is very late (several seconds) compare to the video.
    I don't know which version of camera app I have, I can't find it! But all my apps are up to date.
    There is no bug reported on this.
    Is there someone with the same issue?

  • I actually never recorded a video with my FP2 under UT. It's a test device, so I don't use it too regularly. Will check at some point 😉

  • @ublublu I've forwarded your question to some people with an FP2 to test it.

    Edit: to know which camera-app is installed on your phone type on your terminal click list | grep camera

  • Thank you @advocatux.
    I have the version: com.ubuntu.camera

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