16.04 Nexus 5 Awesome but with Open Store and Video problems

  • Hi, y'all!

    I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 devel on my Nexus 5 and having tried previous version of Ubuntu Touch, I really think this is becoming an awesome OS. But after installing some apps, I have a few problems. Only a few major ones (major to me). I updated the Open Store from the store's own "updates" page. Now the Open Store's "Discover" shows a white page with a gray bar horizontal and just above halfway down the screen and under the gray bar is "New and Updated Apps" but no apps show up even though they showed yesterday. I can still click on these apps even though they are not displayed on the screen. Categories show like 10 apps but when I click on a category the page says "No results found." Apps I clicked under "My Apps" say "0 bytes" and under says "This app is not compatible with your system."

    Any help with fixing this would be appreciated.

    Also, the Media Player and Video scope won't play my videos properly. I have some movies that won't play in M4v format, only audio with a black screen in ogg format (plays video and audio in Elementary OS), and only audio with black screen for Mp4 format. Now, the M4v movies do play in UTmedia app but I would rather use the official app.

    Just one more thing: My Google contacts won't seem to sync after I added my account into the Contacts app.

    Thank you for any help with all this you have, and I am so stoked about the Librem 5 phone and Ubuntu Touch available for that!

  • @batteryjuice4 i think they are restocking the store with recompiled apps, did you listen to the q and A number 28
    16.04 devel
    nearly but not ready for daily use, testing and bug finding

  • @batteryjuice4 for your OpenStore problem, download the xenial version from https://open-store.io/app/openstore.openstore-team uninstall the broken one and install the downloaded typing in Terminal pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted pathtothedownloadedclick

    If you want an stable phone you should use 15.04 but if you want to help testing and finding bugs, 16.04 is perfect.

    See https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/milestones to get the picture.

    There's a bug in the media player affecting Nexus 5 only, the workaround is to use https://open-store.io/app/utmedia.nfsprodriver (vivid version only). You can try and see if it works in xenial too

  • Thanks, y'all!

    @Marathon2422 I listened to some of the podcast 28 and I know that 16 is not totally ready but using it I think it definantly seems close.

    @advocatux Thanks! That solved the problem! Still has very few apps now but like Marathon2422 said, their may be restocking the store with apps for 16.04. I know 15.04 is supposed to be more stable but this seems alright and I do want to submit error reports to help since this is stable enough for me to use as a daily phone. A lot of the problems I remember from last year or the year before are gone in this update I have installed now. Thanks for putting a link too. And I now use UTmedia since that works, but I wish I could use the File Manager to open the videos since that isn't suggested my UTmedia and the File-Manager doesn't list UTmedia as a was to open the video files. Oh well, it works alright for now. 🙂

    Thanks again! 🙂