Import contacts from sim failed

  • Hi gurus, I've just moved to UT, but I can't import phone contacts from my sim. Can I drop the vcf file in somewhere, or is there another way round? TIA

  • @marklynch how are you trying to import your contacts? The right way is to open Contacts, then Settings (that gearwheel icon on the top right hand side), then Import from the SIM.

  • yes, that's what I was trying, but it says 'failed to read sim card'. I put it back in my other phone and it said 'sim damaged, reformat', so I took it out and cleaned it and now it's fine in the android but still not importing in UT.

  • Maybe is just hardware related problem. Try to copy the contacts to another SIM (import/export on android) and then import to UT via that another SIM. 😃

  • Thanks Jezek, good idea....but, this was a nexus 5 and now appears dead. It always had problems booting, sometimes taking 3 attempts, either stuck on google or on a blank screen. Now it does nothing and won't boot into recovery.

  • If you have a Google acount,you could sign in,then give permission to upload contacts

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