[solved] Dekko 2 email-app: How to backup user profiles?

  • Hello together,

    is there any option to backup user profiles from Dekko 2? Which directory do I have to backup to avoid annoying manually rebuilding of user profiles when reinstalling UBports?

    For example, on common Linux-systems you can easily backup the directory /home/user/.thunderbird to store your data. After reinstalling your operating system you just replace the pre-existing directory with your preconfigured directory. Is something like that possible for Dekko 2 as well?

    Thanks a lot for your help! :-)

    With best regards!

    @DanChapman: Thank you very much for this great app!

  • You would need ~/.cache/dekko2.dekkoproject and ~/.local/share/dekko2.dekkoproject

  • This is working great indeed! Thank you very much for your kind help @DanChapman !

    I start enjoying Dekko2... :-)

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