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  • Hey all,

    It's been a quite a while since I first installed UT on my phone, but now there is a specific set of apps I need for work that I can't get on UT afaik. I'm not gonna list them off here as it would give away where I work, but I just know they are android specific and I need them to work flawlessly for my job. The problem I'm running into is how do I reflash Android (Lineage OS in this case) on a phone that has nothing but UT on it?

    Any help appreciated!

  • @linuxhelmet you didn't say what device but anyway, as you can imagine, the best place to ask about how to install lineageos is in its forum or in its irc channel, of course.

    See how to contact them here https://lineageos.org/community/

  • @advocatux thanks for that however the big problem that's hanging my phone right now (one plus one) is the fasboot mode. I can't even get the ubports loader to see it atm. The installer hangs at reboot into bootloader.

  • @linuxhelmet what OS is installed in your phone now? what OS is running in your computer? what ubports-installer version are you using? do you have the needed tools installed?

  • Ubports was until I wiped it to proceed to install the other OS.
    Still have Ubports bootloader.
    Oneplus One that originally had Cyanogenmod on it.
    Windows 10 beta 0.1.12 installer ubports.
    Tried .1.09 still hung at same spot.
    I do have the adb universal files installed.
    Also have Android Studio installed.
    I do have the phone in fastboot. power+up. Doesn't see it.
    If I have to I'll switch to the linux side to do this. Will just need instructions for Ubuntu 18.04.

  • @linuxhelmet I don't know about installation using windows too much, maybe you have a driver conflict if you have adb universal and android studio files installed.

    Does fastboot devices see your phone?

  • Sorry for the delayed reply. Through command prompt before I installed Android Studio with just the universal package it didn't see the phone. Not sure why but it just stayed at waiting on device.

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