Help resizing the root partitiion

  • Hi,

    when trying to install the new browser I ran into a problem with not having enough space in /var/cache/apt/archives

    I thought this might have been because I did something foolish with my device (BQ M10 FHD - freiza) but I can see other people having the same problem.

    Looking around the forum I can see that people recommend a couple of things:

    1. sudo apt autoremove or sudo apt-get clean
    2. Resizing the root partition

    The solutions in 1. don't free up enough space.

    For resizing I can see this script being mentioned -

    Has anyone successfully used it? Is there an alternative?

    Is there a recommended size to change to?

  • Hi @padraic,
    to resize the rootfs there is a tool called ATU which can be useful for you at the scope. I can redirect you to the page where there are the steps to be followed and the file to download:

    ATU - All Things Ubuntu


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