Ringtone volume on nexus 5 (ubuntu 15.04)

  • Hi everybody,
    i'm really newbie on UT, not at all in Ubuntu (since 2007). I just installed ubuntu 15.04 on a second hand nexus 5 and i have a big problem: ringtone volume is really low, quite not audible. Obviously, I put it on maximum. I tried to enter alsamixer by terminal but the operation is denied. Any suggest? Thanks a lot!

  • @misterti Have you just adjusted the volume using the button on the side of the phone ?. Sometimes I've noticed a mismatch with the volume set in system settings, sound. Have a look. Might just work.

  • Thanks for your answer. I checked the possible mismatch you talked about but it's not so: the level I set in the system setting is the same level I can set with the left button, they change at the same moment..,I woudl like to have something like alsamixer mut it seems impossible...

  • @misterti There is uVolMan in the openstore if you want to give that a try. Other than that and checking theres nothing bloking the speaker outlets, please try the welcome and install group at
    They have knowledge and skill on all things UBports Ubuntu Touch.

  • @lakotaubp thanks again. I installed uvolman but apparently there is nothing blocking volume. I joined also the group you told me on Telegram, described the problem but, at this moment, none answered. I continue looking for solutions, thanks again!

  • @misterti If I come up with anything else I'll get back to you. Lets try and get this fixed.

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