How to install 16.04 on nexus 5?

  • Hi is 16.04 ready for nexus 5 yet? If so how can i install?

  • @fishfingers44 I don't personally think its ready for a daily driver just yet. It is only at Release candidate after all. I've tried it on bq5 and miezu mx4. It works well on both but not enough for me to use as my only phone. So I shall wait for the stable release before putting on my nexus.
    If you want to try it you can use the UBports Installer to install 16.04rc, and go with the wipe option for the best results. This will of course wipe your phone so back things up first.
    You may also want to watch the Q&A tomorrow for 16.04 related questions and stuff.

  • @fishfingers44 Just as an update, two of the issues I had have now been fixed. Both the calendar and clock work again without crashing. So I have now moved my nexus 5 over to 16.04 and thats my daily driver.
    Dekko 2 still not quite right. I know emails have arrived, just can't get at them. So if email is vital remember that, but there are ways round that as well.

  • Hi @FishFingers44
    According to yesterday's Q&A, those of us still on 15.04 developers or RC channels should receive an automatic update within the next week or so... The developers seemed really pleased with the progress they've made on Xenial.

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