Help with porting to pixel XL (Marlin)

  • i am at the last stages of building but i have hit the end of my knowledge. Im at finding the fstab file and doing the mount points but I have a couple of fstab files and don't know which one to use nor do I understand what im supposed to do with it. The fstab files I have are : vold.fstab, fstab.common, recovery.fstab, fstab.aosp_common, and charger.fstab.qcom.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • @azurith93 I PM'ed you some info that could help you to get Marlin ported

  • Infrastructure

    Just to give an answer here which might or might not help. Ignore:

    1. recovery.fstab - probably only used for recovery, and will not be needed for porting. The recovery make step will do the same for UBports recovery as for Android recovery, so if it is needed, it will be placed in the right place.
    2. charger.fstab - In charger mode there is also a little Android running, it will pick this up from the regular build, see before
      the common and aosp.common, try to look at their differences. And try to go with the common one first ;)

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