Fairphone overheating with rapid battery depletion. Seems to be browser.

  • Hi all,

    Twice now, my Fairphone 2 has lost all its charge in about fifteen minutes when I've been using the browser. The first time, I had it plugged into a speaker and was playing iplayer through it, so I didn't notice the alarming heat, focussed on the top of the phone, above the battery, until I investigated the sudden interruption of my listening pleasure.
    This morning, I was reading the Guardian, going through quite a lot of pages, when I realised it was getting very hot. I shut it down and took off the back and the heat, again, seemed to be coming from the top unit, above the battery.
    I gave it half an hour's charge, turned off, and it has been fine today. I've had to make a couple of calls and have had Nextcloud, Decko and a couple of other apps open. No problems, and the battery seems to be behaving normally.
    Has anyone else seen this happen?

  • @danceswithcats what UT version? which browser & what version? were you using wifi or mobile data when browsing?

    Edit: maybe is this? https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/400

  • My FP2 is also getting very hot above the battery (right of the camera), but I thought it comes from watching videos, for example on youtube. Not shure what module lies there
    It also drains the battery a lot, but I don't think it's empty as fast as yours.

    Perhaps its just a browser issue with html5 players... but since my FP2 can't play back video files from "disk" I cannot confirm my guess.

    After clearing my gstreamer cache (https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/661#issuecomment-401391699) I could confirm, that my FP2 is overheating on html5 playback.

    I played the same video with UTmedia app (html5 player) and with native media player:

    • html5: gets very hot, nearly untouchable
    • native: gets warm

    So for me, I suggest it has something to do with hardware acceleration not working for html5.
    Otherwise, if @Danceswithcats did not play back any media in the browser, this could be a general issue in the webapp(-container).

    btw: I'm on 15.04 ota3.

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