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  • UBports News Channel, [04.07.18 13:47]
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    UBports is Looking for App Maintainers

    UBports has been looking for App Maintainers for the music-app and weather-app for some time now, but no one has yet stepped up. These two apps are, while not highly discussed, still important core apps and have been in unmaintained status for over a year.

    Both apps are currently hosted on Github
    Music App:
    Weather App:

    If you are a developer with some skills in QML/Qt and interested in helping out with this specific need, please contact or for further instructions. Or, simply fork the code and start sendings us PRs!

  • Dear @Lakotaubp ,

    some comments on your request:

    1. there is no functional IDE available for application development. So how should anybody be encouraged to maintains or develop applications?

    2. Even if the music app is still not maintained, it is working very well. And if it shall be maintained, it must be in conjunction with the media-hub and mediascanner. It is relying on these packages.

    3. Actually I'm digging around in the mediascanner code to get some improvements for the music app. In parallel I try to set up some IDE like environments. But without the proper support at several points it is a hard work.

    Since I'm doing this occasionally, it will take some time to progress. I will inform you about some updates.

  • @hoh61 Hi thanks for the intrest. It might be better if you contacted either (@Flohack ) ( @NeoTheThird ) directly as mentioned in the post for any further help or direction.

  • @hoh61 Yes it is true, there is no functional IDE for the time being, but this actually can be compensated for some time by using the manual build steps with clickable. To me this is ot a real reason to not maintain an App - I am doing Telegram maintenance with Qt Creator and then just calling clickable for compile. What else do you need?


  • What I need is a comfortable debugger. Using QtCreator is one topic, the SDK is outdated and without that it's still a very good ide but with limited "comfort". I was trying atom for editing, it's nice but it has to grow up. Together with clickable it's not that bad, but a good debugger is missing. I'm actually trying GammaRay. I have installed the latest version a few days ago and I'm now evaluating the capabilites of this package. I will give some feedback on that if it's helpful.

  • @hoh61 said in App Maintainers Needed !!:

    capabilites of this package. I will give some feedback on that if it's helpful.

    I agree and an emulator would be great, but we are simply not enough people ATM. An SDK extension for QtCreator like the old one is feasable, and would be an independent project for the community. Currently now, all hands are working on keeping the basics rolling, so no one has really time or knowledge to hack an SDK or an emulator.

    We will push our marketing soon over the limit though, to maximize visibility and interest of new people, and maybe then it will happen.

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