Ubuntu 16.04 Cultural Showcase 25 Days To Go!

  • Ubuntu 16.04 Cultural Showcase 25 Days To Go

    Firstly a BIG Thank You for all of your entries and input so far to the Ubuntu 16.04 Cultural Showcase. Their really great, things are going really well so keep them coming.

    The 16.04 Ubuntu Cultural Showcase is your chance to have a lasting artistic impact on 16.04. Ringtones, Notification beeps bangs clangs and Wallpapers. Its time for those creative juices to flow. You only have 25 days left, so keep those submissions coming.

    For full details of what to do follow the link below


    #ut1604showcase #freedom #ubuntutouch #ubports

  • @lakotaubp but I don't see any instruction about the wallpaper...what are the dimensions? what is the position and the radius of the circle in the welcome screen?

  • @aury88 I can check for you if there is a file size etc but none has been mentioned so go with the other criteria for now. As for the clock and circle and having just looked at my nexus and OPO, I would say its a matter of not having all the important or small detail where they fall and so get obscured. Especially with the circle stats around it.
    The screen sizes across the devices vary that much (BQ 4.4 to M10) you can't do much else. The circle is 4cm on the bq and 4.3 0n OPO. So just keep it in mind. You don't want your best efforts hidden away.

    I or some one else will get back about file size.
    edit just a quick thought can you find the existing wallpapers using file manager and get any info that way. Haven't tried myself I must admit.

  • @lakotaubp thank you.

    I'm sorry but I (yet) don't have an UT so I cant use an existing wallpaper to take the info

  • @aury88 ok lets try and help out then. If you follow the criteria as they are given for wallpapers and go with that to start with. Then if you have a dull everyday non UBports Ubuntu phone to hand ; ) imagine a very slightly opaque circle about 40 mm diameter in the centre and work round that or just have a look here https://ubports.com/devices/promoted-devices for a better idea.
    Then just let your creative juices flow and I'm sure we can work with it. Remember there are now only 10 days left.

  • @lakotaubp Thank you very much! 😉

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