Nexus5 stuck at start

  • I went to start my spare nexus 5 the other day. Nothing happened so connected the charger. Keeps booting to Google lock screen buzzes and goes off and repeats. Diconnect from power and nothing, cennect back and same as before. Can briefly get boot loader menu ( power and sound ) up but not long enough to do anything.
    Any ideas that work, think is power related but cant get past this. Leaving on charge does nothingcharge. Its on15.04.

  • @lakotaubp you can try to hold the power button around 20 seconds and see if that fixes the problem.

    If that doesn't work, Nexus 5 has a notorious power button because it's pretty crappy, so probably it's stuck or making a bad contact. Try to (gently but firmly) bang the power button on something. Yep, I'm not kidding [*], I swear it works.

    Of course you can open the phone and clean the power button too, but the bang method is proven.

    [*] For reference:

  • @advocatux Thanks will give it a bash later. How's your head today.

  • @lakotaubp still on my shoulders... I think... but I can't really confirm that 😃

    Thank you for asking!

  • @advocatux It's had a couple of bashes but not working yet, but showing signs. Will have another look soon, does look like power button issue though.

  • @lakotaubp good luck !!

  • @advocatux Hip Hip Hooraay. Nexus back up running and charging.
    Fourth attempt had it plugged into charger and hit power button with handle of knife repeatedly. still took some time to boot back into UBports then stuck at boot again. plan to put it on 16.04 later.

  • I finally moved from my Nexus 5 to the OnePlus One for this reason. I found there were 2 issues. One is the power button which is garbage the other is the power jack. So when mine would act up I would hold the phone a few inches above a table or counter and let it fall of its own weight against the hard surface. Both on its side and the bottom. Pressing the power button as horizontally as possible (I hope that makes sense) also seemed to make a difference. I recommend the 1+1, upgrade was painless. Good luck!

  • @drennanelawar Luckily this one was a spare. Unfortunatly after updating to 16.04 back to square one. Also now have OnePlus One but mainly for the battery life.

    Edit 24/07
    Have the nexus running again on 16.04 so far all ok after 14 hours and three restarts. On/Off button is now really sensitive after all the bashing. Also had to turn of all vibrations as that seemed to keep bringing up restart, switch off etc dialog box.
    Now also think the low battery charge was not helping (15% approx.) when I got it going, with the boot loop. Have had no issues since charge got above 30-40% with startup.

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