Updating to 16.04 issue (meizu pro 5)

  • hi
    When using UBports installer it detects my phone ok but when i click on a version to install on my phone the phone goes to the boot screen but stays there , the circle continues to rotate on the pc but nothing else happens .
    My phone has the developer mode enabled and have been trying 16.04rc

    Any ideas please as i seem to be getting no further for now ?


  • @zx81
    try,connecting to pc,with phone on the dev mode page,
    run adb devices
    then start and run ubports-installer
    (leave phone on Dev mode page).
    put your settings in ub-installer
    and go from there,it should take over and reboot to fastboot , if not you can do it

    see if that works for you

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  • @zx81 Reboot manually to bootloader ( power + volume down) while the installer say so, or shortly after and continue with installation.

  • Yes, the installer does that for the Pro 5: does not display the message that you need to reboot by pressing that combination of keys on the phone.

    You can see that the installer is waiting for that if you launch the installer from the console and there it displays messages about what the installer does.

  • Hi
    thanks for info

    for some reason i can get no further than fastboot mode with the following message displayed

    Fastboot mode : unknown error :downloading boot 'boot.img'...
    okay [ 0.76s]
    booting ...
    Failed (remote failure)
    finished. total time 0.76s

    You are not using latest version of installer

    i've tried to update installer via terminal but it says there are no further updates

    stuck now ..

    ideas please ?


  • @zx81 https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/releases/tag/0.1.18-beta
    You can download the latest installer from here.

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