OS Updates not retaining their original dates

  • I have noticed this for a bit now, but have not seen it come up in any posts. If it has, sorry I do not mean to double log it.

    When downloading new versions of the UT software or checking to see if there are any new updates, any previous OS updates do not retain their original download date. Below is a screenshot of the updates that I have just performed today. As you can see version 4 now shows an “Updated” date as today, the same as update 5, when it should show a date of a few weeks ago. Not that this is a big issue, but it would be nice for previous updates to retain their original updated date.


  • @ukphil yes, this is an old well-known bug since Canonical times.

  • And here is the issue that has been logged against in Github.

  • Cheers guys, I thought it must ot already been raised. Hopefull it will be addressed soon.

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