• If you want to use Hotspot with ONE PLUS ONE, the procedure which works FOR ME, what i tested, with one plus one 64 GO ubuntu 16.04 dev 389 :

    OBSERVATION 1 : HOTSPOT never works if i want to activate it by Indicator Menu. I MUST USE SYSTEM SETTINGS.

    So in system settings, FOR THE FIRST TIME :

    • Hotspot ON ;
    • Wifi ON ;
    • Hotspot OFF ;
    • WIfi OFF by Indicator Menu or System settings ;
    • FLY MODE ON then OFF by Indicator Menu ;
    • Hotspot On system settings.
    • Wifi ON.

    MIRACLE, i see now indicator hotspot in Indicator Menu.. !!!

    So, now to switch off hotspot then switch on again :

    • HOTSPOT OFF in system settings ;
    • Wifi OFF using Indicator Menu ;
    • HOTSPOT ON in system settings ;
    • Wifi ON in system settings.

    Again MIRACLE, Indicator Hotspot !

    Maybe others procedures work.... Funky Hotspot !!

    OBSERVATION 2 : In One plus One, I had a wrong WIFI ADDRESS : B0:AA:33:88:88:88 but if I put Hotspot ON, by Indicator Menu or by System Settings, I have THE GOOD Wifi Address in ABOUT of System Settings.. Even If the hotspot isn't activate..

    OBSERVATION 3 : I lose hotspot configuration if I reboot the phone. I must start again the procedure. I find again the bad Wifi adress..

    Good Funky Bacon Hotspot for everybody !

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