OTG Ethernet

  • Good day!

    How can i config OTG Ethernet adapter? (Without CLI)


  • I have this USB 3.0 hub / network adapter combo. It appears to use the fairly standard r8152 driver. I tested using it on the Fairphone 2, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 2013 WiFi. These were the steps I used to make it work:

    1. Plug it in
    2. That is it.

    Unfortunately, there is no interface built in to Ubuntu Touch for managing wired Ethernet devices. However, a network with DHCP should connect with no issues whatsoever if you have a fairly standard Ethernet adapter. Are you having any issues with your setup?

  • That sounds promising and one my desired criteria for trying out Ubuntu Touch. Thanks.

  • @aliasfoxkde Please do not reply to old posts. If you have a question open a new thread. Thank you.

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