Install on MX4 without USB

  • Hi,

    I've got a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition which is gathering dust, mostly because the USB port doesn't work. That is, charging works, and it's recognised by a host when you plug it in, but it doesn't show up in adb or anything useful like that.

    Is there any way to install UBports without using the USB port? Ideally I could scp something over and then ssh in to do something on the command line.

    I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask in case 🙂

  • @matthew_exon you need to set on developer mode in your phone in order to use adb and accept the connection the first time.

    That said, if your phone has UT already, you can update it using the Terminal in your device directly.

    Check that your phone has internet connection and then run this on the Terminal: sudo system-image-cli -vvvv --switch 16.04/rc

    If that doesn't work, add the UBports server but I'm really curious about if that command defaults to Canonical's Ubuntu or UBports servers (sorry) 😃

    sudo system-image-cli -vvvv --server= --switch 16.04/rc

  • I am interested in this as I too have a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Touch edition gathering dust, because the USB port doesn't work. I have even swapped the USB module with another working android MX4 and this did not work either.
    I don't have the terminal app on it either.

  • @halucigenia Are you sure is not the cable and not the usb port itself? I've used to have MX4 and I had to hold it by an angle to by recognized by a PC and had no problem with charging, though.

  • @halucigenia I saw first your question in the other thread, so I replied there (

  • FYI I have been here before - See

    I just thought that this thread might have something that I have not yet tried.

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