"5 minute" tasks

  • Why "5 minute" tasks?

    On telegram @wayneoutthere asked for people to contribute 5 minutes a day to help progress the project.

    I don't think I'm alone in not knowing what to spend 5 minutes on, so I created a list:

    Five minute tasks (TODO)

    1. Add items to "5 minute tasks" list

    Five minute tasks (DONE)

    1. Create a "5 minute tasks" list

  • My suggestion for a 5 minute task: confirm (or not) one of the issues labeled 'needs confirmation' https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A"needs+confirmation"

  • phenomenal. someone took action on the prompt! Thanks Alan . Now that we have an actual thread with some permanency I should expand my point that it doesn't have to be only 5 minutes every day, nor does it have to be 5 minute blocks. Yesterday, for example, I found myself spending 30 minutes testing an unreleased version of Fluffy Chat. Today might not have as much time. However, today I'm going to spend probably 30 minutes learning 1 or 2 more 'Python things'. I also am in the middle of learning Blender so that I can be more useful for future UBports video stuff. But even this is more than most people might be able to do.

    You might have to save your 5 minutes from Monday to Friday and do 30 minutes together on saturday morning before the kids wake up. Then great! Do that and feel great about it.

    Great work folks and be encouraged that even if you are not a developer (like I am not) that you can make a big difference. You can also PM me and I"ll try to help you find a spot. 🙂

  • every day I think about 30 minutes: "How could I contribute to Ubports, if I wasn't so lazy."


  • After a very long break I have just started learning python , when i finally get a grasp of it (bearing in mind my last bit of programming was on a zx spectrum ! ) i will hopefully put it to some use for ubports .
    so yeah that could be my 5 minutes ?

  • @zx81 are you in our UBports Matrix bootcamp? There are a few of us doing together what you are talking about here... PM me if you are interested

  • Here are some 5-minute tasks that will directly help today:

    1. Contact someone you know and tell them about UBports. Bonus if they are a developer.
    2. Say hello to someone in the community; get to know them; show gratitude
    3. Submit your "profile" to @wayneoutthere for the community inventory. Who is who?
    4. Confirm a bug, comment, etc. as @advocatux mentioned.
    5. File a bug
    6. Commit to helping in a focus group. This will lead to more tasks.
    7. Reach out to stale contacts and see what they are up to. Eventually down the road you can talk to them about ubports.
    8. Tell us about another 5-minute task
    9. Try a new app, comment on it.
    10. Write one sentence of a blog post.
    11. Write down suggestions.
    12. Respond to someone's problem on the forum
    13. Help someone reach the Welcome and Install room
    14. Come up with an Ubuntu Touch pitch
    15. Write down one thing that could improve and how to improve it. e.g. part of website
    16. Read this list.
    17. Learn how to use github
    18. Ask a question on the forum, or Q&A.
    19. Subscribe to the UBports Patreon: BONUS - think of how we can use that channel better.
    20. Write one line/verse of a song
    21. Transcribe 5-mins of a Ubuntu Touch Q&A
    22. Create a forum topic from an audiocast, or telegram chat idea
    23. Repeat anything above until something is done.

  • Other tasks:

    • go to the page of ubports on distrowatch.com and help ubports to rise among the top 100 (6 month-list visitor ranking) to be permanently present on the front page. As it is one of the most frequented sites for linux distros, permanent presence on the front page will help spread the word.

    • Write a review on https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubports

    • Look for blog posts / articles on ubports and add a comment.

  • Invest your daily five minute budget to become a developer.

    Full disclosure: After you reached that goal, you might end up investing more, but only because it's fun 🙂

    • week 1
      • Monday 15 min,
        • pick an app you care about,
        • find it's website/bugtracker and
        • pick a "good first issue"
      • Saturday 20min,
        • find the sources,
        • try to find out how to build it,
        • read READMEs,
        • install dependencies,
        • ask questions
    • week 2
      • Wednesday 15 min,
        • follow up the responses to your questions
      • Saturday 20min,
        • repeat some of last Saturday's work, because now you got the answers!
        • get it built and installed and run it on your device!
    • week 3
      • Saturday, 35min
        • poke around in the source code and
        • figure out how to make a "Hello World" change. It doesn't have to make sense, but it will prove to you that you know where/how to change something in the code, get it built, installed and test it on your device!
    • week 4
      • Saturday, 35 min,
        • try to find places in the code that relate to the issue that you picked.
        • make up theories about what might have to change and propose it in the bugtracker.
    • week 5
      • follow up with the responses, ask more questions and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes 🙂

  • @doniks this seems really useful. are you part of the matrix bootcamp group? If not... probably you could be and should be since myself and a few others are trying to learn to become a developer there. I'm baby beginner but i'm trying with about 15 minutes a day. your list here could be really practical. I will post this to the group and see if it helps them. thanks for this practical one 🙂

  • @wayneoutthere ah is that what the boot camp is for? I only ever heard the name and never really understood what you guys do over there.

    I'll check it out, but first I need to get a matrix account I guess, but first I need to go on vacation 😉

  • here is a cool one. Check out this idea which could also be a '5 minute task' too

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