After updating to 16.04 : Webapps uMastonauts and Duolingo don't work. They just have white background.

  • Hi all,

    after updating to 16.04, the webapps uMastonauts and Duolingo do not seem to work anymore. They do start, but the background just remains white, so that they are unusable. The other webapps on my OPO seem to work.

    Even if I uninstall and reinstall the apps from openstore, they don't work.

    I tested it on OPO and BQ M10. The webapps have the same problem on both devices.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks

    EDIT: with regard to uMastonauts, it seems to be a know issue with 16.04:

  • @gt for uMastonauts, @Krille needs to move the app to QtWebEngine but it seems he's having some trouble with that, and for Duolingo the xenial version has not been tested yet as you can see in (I'll ping him in the Spanish group).

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