Working bluetooth on devices

  • My bq E4.5 did not work with my Parrot carkit CK3100 (sound does not work). Now I have a 'new' phone, the OPO and it works fine with my Parror carkit. It pairs right away and then there was the big surprise, I have sound!

    Still one problem. When the phone is on, and I turn the key of my car, so the Parrot starts functioning, the Parrot and the OPO start to communicate, ending in a rebooting OPO.

    I installed logviewer. Maybe this gives me any clue.

    If you have a positive Bluetooth story, please tell it in this thread.

    @libremax Thanks for the comment

    It's on Ubuntu 15.04 (r3). This is my daily driver and not yet ready for an upgrade to 16.04. When tried I'll let it know here.

  • @thebird It would be useful to specify which versions of UT are used

  • @thebird said in Working bluetooth on devices:

    If you have a positive Bluetooth story, please tell it in this thread.

    I bought an JBL Go bluetooth speaker. With my bq E5 sound through bluetooth did not work. The phone connected, but the play button did not work. All sounds stopped working. Could not switch off bluetooth and even restart the phone. Had to do hard reset (volume+power combo). So I used the speaker with jack-jack cable.

    Then I smashed my screen and was forced to buy a new phone. So I installed ubports on my new FP2 and tried to connect the speaker via bluetooth and ... wait for it ... it did not work again. The same troubles.

    But, and this is why this is a positive story, my brother bought himself a JBL Clip 2 and. .. yay ... it worked with both of my phones. So I traded the speakers with my brother and now everybody has a working bt speaker (brother is iPhone positive).

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