Self-hosted GPLv2 Email Marketing Communications Platform

  • Hello,

    I know being mindful of security/privacy is a factor for many FOSS projects...found this and thought this might be good for anyone who wants to do email marketing in a way that is cost-effective and respectful of user data...

    Odoo is a great platform, but you have options if you don't want to keep email contacts on someone else's server. Not saying this is a good fit for UBports right now (or ever), but cool to keep on the radar. It is GPLv2.

    Dada Mail is a contemporary mailing list manager, enabling you to easily run a verified mailing list that your subscribers can trust - right on your own website!

    Keep complete control over your valuable mailing lists: there's no need to sign up for an expensive monthly service when you can self-host Dada Mail.

    Reach your customers via email with Dada Mail and keep them connected with your special news, announcements, events, and special offers - even run community discussion lists. Private lists or public lists; announcement lists or group lists: let Dada Mail work for you.

    Easily install Dada Mail yourself on most any popular hosting setup, or have us help you with a professional installation.

    Become a Pro Dada Mailer : get access to Pro Dada, our constantly updated manual, as well as direct priority support for all your Dada Mail questions.

    Need more email sending power? Dada Mail optionally supports sending with Amazon SES for an almost unlimited sending capability, without going over-budget.

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