Adb not finding stuff on Nexus4

  • Hello,
    I've just installed ubports on a Nexus 4.
    I've also successfully copied all the stuff I want off my old N4 that was still running Canonical Ubuntu Touch using "adb", onto my desktop machine (running Manjaro).
    However when I try to copy anything onto the new phone I get a permission denied error, e.g.:

    adb push Music Music/
    adb: error: failed to copy 'Music/fanfare.wav' to 'Music/fanfare.wav': remote Permission denied

    If I try to copy anything off the new machine it says the remote file is not found e.g.:

    adb pull Music ./Music-new
    adb: error: remote object 'Music' does not exist

    The file manager assures me that Music does exist (even if it does not yet contain anything). I have also tried sudo adb with the same results both for pull & push.
    I have enabled developer mode and allowed the PC to access the phone. The device is seen:

    adb  devices -l
    List of devices attached
    01aa97608715709e       device usb:3-4.3 product:aosp_mako model:Nexus_4 device:mako transport_id:3

    I'm sure I am missing something very simple but what?

  • @james-t hi, the first time you make an adb connection to a device, you have to accept the connection in your device.

    You need to set on the developer mode in your device, and the screen needs to be unlock too previously.

  • @advocatux Thanks, but I had done that (that's what I meant by allow the PC to access the phone).

  • @james-t ah perfect. Probably the issue then is that you need to specify the full path to that directory (/home/phablet/Music/).

  • @advocatux Thanks, it's working now.

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