Full Backup of Android Nexus 5 device

  • Hello, i would like please to help me on how to full backup my Nexus 5 device in case i want to get back to Android if i cant go on with linux..... Is there any guide or something please?

    Thanks in advance!

  • There isn't an official guide, but you would want to do something like this:

    1. Backup everything with TWRP.

    2. Export the Backup to somewhere outside of the device.

    3. Test to make sure that the backup can be re-imported and reflashed via new TWRP install.

    4. Install Ubuntu Touch. It will likely need to wipe even the recovery portion (so you lose everything on the device). Enjoy.

    5. If you have to go back then you will have to re flash TWRP, and import the backup from your computer.

  • @joe Plus, if you want an updates after that, you need to flash the Ubports recovery right after you restore the backup.

  • @joe I think this method https://forums.ubports.com/post/12526 is more straightforward and it doesn't need TWRP 🙂

  • OK, guys i tried a lot of hours to play with these ideas but the only thing i was able to do is to semi brick the phone because TWRP didnt work as expected and took me some hours to take it back in normal....

    So a faster question should be, is there a way to turn my phone back to android if i had installed ubuntu touch? (backup was a totally failure)

  • @axenias Flohack's method is easier, you don't need to play with twrp.

    If you want to install Android, there's no problem, it would be a normal installation.

    See https://developers.google.com/android/images

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